Thursday, August 18, 2011

Monte Carlo

Summer is more than delightful and especially in Monte Carlo. The sun, the sky, the sea, the jardins, the late lunches with my family, my new Prada sunnies ... everything is makes me happy. 
This is the place where my heart belongs!


  1. Well, now I know why you love Monte Carlo.
    Oh dear, I had the time of my life!
    Our newest posts share the same title :)

    Love your Prada sunglasses and you look great in this gorgeous white dress.
    I'm back home, planning to spend some time with my bf and my family in the Peloponnese.

  2. I love your haircut. So much. And your sunglasses! Looks like fun! Thanks for commenting on my blog! I'm following you, I'd love it if you followed me back :)

  3. absolutely fabulous outfit. you look so chic!

  4. you look great and I love your style!!
    that's my blog and you can also find me on tumblr fashioninthessity!
    check it out if you want ;)

  5. You look nice, very chic!

  6. you are super stylish! and your tan here is so lovely.
    makes me want to travel and soak up the sun so badly right now.
    thank you also for your sweet words, lovely! i'm glad that you stumbled upon my blog so that i was able to discover yours. x.